The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)

The JDC, also referred to as “the Joint,” has exemplified globally the principle that all Jewish people are responsible for one another. Active today in more than 70 countries, JDC and its partners work to rescue Jewish lives at risk, bring relief to Jews in need, renew lost bonds to Jewish identity and Jewish culture, and help Israel overcome the social challenges of its most vulnerable citizens. In addition to “core funding”, the following elective programs are funded:

Chanoch IDF Employment

JDC aims to broaden the population of Haredi men who are prepared and qualified for obtaining employment and earning a living wage. Chanoch reaches young yeshiva students and trains them for employment before they marry, have children, and reach a crisis mode in which they are financially stretched and don’t feel that they have the luxury of time to invest in their own professional development.

Jewish Renewal Programs in the Urals/Volga Region

In the Urals-Volga Region, JDC creates an atmosphere conducive to strengthening Jewish life and learning. The range of critical renewal programs that help satiate the Jewish soul include: Family activities, Children and Youth Programs, Jewish Education, Art, and Cultural Events, and Tikkun Olam programming.

PACT (Parents and Children Together) – Kiryat Yam

For the past fourteen years, the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County has been supporting Kiryat Yam’s Ethiopian-Israeli community by bridging the academic and social gaps between Ethiopian-Israeli preschoolers and their veteran Israeli peers. As a result of PACT’s educational and developmental support for the children and parents, the Ethiopian-Israeli community of Kiryat Yam is stronger than it has ever been.

Social Welfare FSU - Volga Region

The current situation in the Urals-Volga region is heartbreaking for elderly Jews. Crippling poverty and crushing isolation is a daily reality for JDC's 9,223 elderly clients. Further exacerbating their situation, 4,899 of these seniors are not considered Nazi victims and are therefore not eligible for services funded by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany. The support of the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County helps provide the necessary essentials including, food, medicine, homecare, winter relief, and day center activities to 9,223 seniors in the Urals-Volga region.

Szarvas Summer Camp

Camp holds four 12-day sessions each summer, giving 1,550 children from 28 countries a chance to explore their Jewish identity and share experiences with peers from around the globe. Szarvas’ diverse programs include sports, music, dance and craftwork, interwoven with activities that highlight Jewish tradition and foundational concepts in Judaism. These hands-on Jewish experiences stimulate the curiosity of those who are just beginning to discover their Jewish identity and deepen the knowledge of those who are better rooted in Jewish tradition.

Ukraine Crisis Relief

Across Ukraine, JDC provides vital food, financial, and homecare assistance through a network of Hesed relief centers to 53,000 impoverished elderly and over 7,300 destitute children and their families. The program engages nearly 2,000 volunteers in 16 Ukrainian Cities.

Venezuela Crisis Relief

Venezuela's financial situation has deteriorated, to the point that the country is now in a state of emergency. JDC has arranged for a monthly supply of medication to be sent to Venezuela to care for some 673 of the community's members (over 10% of the community) and JDC is currently reviewing how to address the food shortage issue that even extends to basic products such as milk and sugar.

JDC Glickman Training Center

Pioneers new programs and training courses designed not only to help the senior population live safer, healthier lives, but also to help elder care workers gain the awareness and expertise necessary to properly care for elderly adults. The Glickman Center for Education and Training in Kiryat Bialik is supported by the Mollie Rosenthal Fund.