The Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI)

JAFI is dedicated to forging a close and more meaningful partnership between the Jews of Israel and the Jews of the remainder of the world, based upon a commitment to the continuity and thriving of the Jewish people. They strive to continue the ingathering, help to strengthen the State of Israel, and cultivate a sense of global Jewish peoplehood through enhancing Jewish identity. In addition to “core funding”, the following elective programs are funded:

Har’el Pre-Army Academy

This program provides support, guidance, and education to a cohort of approximately 25 young Russian-speaking olim (immigrants) ages 17 to 19 who have graduated from high school and are preparing for enlistment in the IDF. Many of these young men and women are graduates of The Jewish Agency’s Na’ale program (a Hebrew acronym that stands for “Youth Immigrating before Their Parents,”) which offers young Jews from around the world an Israeli education, and the option to make liyah after graduation. The Harel Pre-Army Academy runs for six months each year at a youth village in Jerusalem, a location that deepens participants’ sense of connection to the history of Israel and their place within it.

MASA Israel Journey

MASA provides thousands of Jewish young adults with transformative Israel immersion programs, deepening their Jewish identity and understanding of Israel. 12,000 participants aged 18 to 30 joined a dynamic array of gap year, study abroad, and post-college programs ranging in length from five to 12 months. With the vision that every young Jew in the world will spend a substantial period of time in Israel, Masa enables thousands of young Jewish adults to embark on a journey of self-growth and “live like a local” in Israel while discovering a personal sense of Jewish peoplehood.

Onward Israel

Onward Israel is based on the premise that bringing young Jews back to Israel, in the context of first-hand experiences with modern Israeli society and culture, results in a substantive understanding of Israel, a connection to Israeli peers, and a commitment to Israel and Jewish peoplehood. Onward Israel builds upon the short-term Israel experiences offered by Taglit-Birthright Israel and other Young Adult Programs in Israel. 15 young adults aged 19-27 years that have a permanent address or attend college in South Palm Beach County will be travelling to Israel to strengthen their personal and professional resumes through a uniquely designed Tel Aviv internship experience.

PARTNER2GETHER (P2G) – Zichron Yaakov

“Gesher Chai,” living bridge, between South Palm Beach County and Zichron Yaakov in Israel, and creates mutual beneficial “people to people” relationships via the exchange of ideas and joint cooperation and participation in different projects.

Summer Camps in FSU

Summer camps and afterschool programs in the former Soviet Union (FSU) that have provided an enjoyable, educational forum for 6,000 young Jews aged 11-25 to form long-lasting bonds with Jewish peers; learn about Jewish traditions, Jewish culture, local Jewish life, and Israel; and strengthen the sense of Jewish identity and connection to Israel that will ensure the continuity of the FSU’s Jewish communities.


While their Israeli-born peers can rely on the assistance of family and friends following their discharge from the IDF, lone soldiers (young olim who came to Israel on their own and who are now serving in the IDF) must find housing, obtain employment, apply to institutions of higher education, manage personal finances, and navigate a complicated bureaucracy without the benefit of a supportive network. Through Wings, The Jewish Agency provides them with counseling, diagnostic testing, and other services that ease their transition to life after military service. Since its inception in 2005, Wings has assisted over 4,500 young lone soldiers fulfill their dreams of living a productive, rewarding life in Israel.