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Each responsible, one for the other.

Our extended family in Israel and around the world is never far from our minds and hearts. That’s why our Israel & Overseas Task Force works tirelessly to study their needs and weigh options to address next year’s global concerns. Working alongside our partners on the ground, committee members establish priorities, allocate resources and make some tough decisions. The Committee also coordinates activities, programs and funding for special projects.

40% of our overseas allocation now goes to Core funding, which are unrestricted funds to our overseas partners, The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI), and World ORT allowing them to plan for and support Jewish needs in Israel and around the world that reflect our communities overseas priorities.

The other 60% goes to Community Elective Funding. The specific programs supported in 2016 are based on the following Israel and Overseas Funding Priorities:

  • Basic Human Needs (Food, Shelter, Healthcare) – Providing for an individual’s basic human needs including food, shelter, & health care.
  • Populations at Risk – Helping people dealing with crisis (and disability) reach their full potential, including early childhood education and assisting at-risk Israeli youth with academic and enrichment opportunities.
  • Jewish Identity (Building) and Renewal – Creating an environment for enhancing Jewish identity in Israel and overseas, to strengthen individual and collective Jewish identity and Jewish education worldwide, linking Jewish communities and global Jewish connectedness.
  • Peoplehood/ Building Connections – Highlighting and fostering a unified Jewish experience with common Jewish values among all Jews to ensure the enduring vitality of the Jewish collective by strengthening Jewish peoplehood.
  • Absorption – Assisting in integration and absorption of new immigrants to Israel and strengthening the Jewish Collective.
  • Advancing Israeli Society – Encouraging democratic values and promoting openness to thought and discourse, bridging some of the deep divides that are reflected in Israel and helping vulnerable populations achieve their potential as full members of Israeli society.
  • Promoting Aliyah – Providing tools for promotion of aliyah of new immigrants to Israel.

If your organization is interested in submitting a Grant Application to the Israel & Overseas Task Force, please contact Melody DeSanto at MelodyD@bocafed.org or 561.852.3239.

In addition to our core funding, Our Federation currently supports the following Israel & Overseas programs with our elective funds:

The Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) »
The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) »
Other Partners in Israel »

2016-2017 Task Force Members

Eric Stein, Chair
Andrea Dubroff
Rabbi David Englander
Mona Fleisig
Rani Garfinkle
Gail Greenspoon
Eydie Holz
Mandy Hurwitz
Betty Kane
Hal Klein
Wendy Koolik
Adele Lebersfeld
Barbara Lewin
Rabbi Philip Moskowitz
Helene Paul
Sheryle Spar
Shirley Solomon
Joe Sontz
Frank Weinstock
Dorothy Wizer
Etta Zimmerman


Dana Vizner,
Vice President, Israel and Overseas & Campaign
561.852.3270 | DanaV@bocafed.org

Barbara Kabatznik,
Director of Israel Engagement
561.852.6050 | BarbaraK@bocafed.org

Melody DeSanto,
Planning Associate
561.852.3239 | MelodyD@bocafed.org

Jessica Hirsh,
Senior Administrative Assistant
561.852.3159 | JessicaH@bocafed.org