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Fundraising is only half of the Federation’s job. Our mission also includes assessing the most pressing local and international Jewish needs and identifying those services and programs that will enhance the well-bring of fellow Jews and strengthen our Jewish future. The process of identifying needs of our community and allocating funds for local and national programs is the responsibility of the Program Funding Council (PFC) and its Task Forces.

Members of the PFC and its Task Forces participate in an allocations process once a year. After analyzing the needs of our community, members recommend how funds should be allocated among requesting organizations. This process takes place in the winter and spring of each year.

The dollars available for allocation in FY 2016-2017 consist of dollars from the Federation’s budget along with monies made available annually from the Harry & Jeanette Weinberg fund of the Jacobson Jewish Community Foundation and Julius and the Hanna Wagner Scholarship Endowment within the Jacobson Jewish Community Foundation.

Each year, the Council reviews program proposals through its Task Forces, after which it makes allocation recommendations.

Safety Net Services:

  • Emergency assistance – food, clothing, shelter, medication/medical crisis, transportation (employment and medical)
  • Vulnerable populations – the elderly, adults and children with special needs and Holocaust survivors
  • Counseling to move individuals/families out of crisis, including vocational and placement services

Jewish Day School Education:

  • Financial assistance for local Jewish day schools

Jewish Life & Learning:

  • Jewish identity, culture and peoplehood
  • Community relations as well as Israel and economic advocacy
  • Financial assistance for summer camp and pre-school and for infant care programs
  • Jewish Engagement and advocacy on college campuses

Community Outreach:

  • Engagement of members of our community in Jewish communal, religious and social affairs
  • Enhancing the community involvement of those already engaged

If your organization is interested in submitting a Grant Application to the Program Funding Council and its Task Forces, please contact Melody DeSanto at MelodyD@bocafed.org or 561.852.3239.

2017 Program Funding Council

Joe Mishkin, Chair, Program Funding Council
Jeff Newman, Vice-Chair, Program Funding Council
Michael Beckerman, Chair, Jewish Life & Learning Task Force
Debra Halperin, Chair, Jewish Education Task Force
Michael Lipton, Chair, Community Outreach Task Force
Eric Stein, Israel & Overseas Task Force
Richard Stolls, Chair, Safety Net Services Task Force
Meryl Gallatin
Rani Garfinkle
Stephen Mendelsohn
David Schimel

2017 Task Force Members

Michael Beckerman
Steven Berkeley
Joy Binkovitz
Nel Bloom
Robert Child
Helen Cohan
Estelle Cooperstone
Karen Dern
Meryl Gallatin
Louise Galpern
Rani Garfinkle
Shelley Gold
Kathy Green
Yudi Gross
Debra Halperin
Franklin Homer
Alan Hurst
Lawrence Katz
Chet Kay
Miriam Klein
Murray Leipzig
Dan Levin
Chuck Lichtman
Michael Lipton
Bill Lucas
Stephen Mendelsohn
Joe Mishkin
Jeff Newman
Wendy Pressner
Susan Rahn
Jill Rose
Michael Rose
Jonathan Sahn
Janet Sahr
Neil Schiller
David Schimel
Jeffrey Schwartz
Eric Stein
Naomi Steinberg
Richard Stolls
Ted Struhl
Amy Taney
Joan Winograd
Monte Wolfson
Craig Zeuner


Stuart Silver, Vice President,
Community Planning & Director, JCRC
Melody DeSanto, Planning Associate,
Community Planning and Israel & Overseas
Jessica Hirsh, Senior Administrative Assistant,
Community Planning, Israel & Overseas, JCRC