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The Irving Eckhardt Mitzvah Society came to fruition under the leadership of former PAC Chair David Pratt, Esq. This prestigious society recognizes professionals in the community who have referred a client that resulted in an endowment gift to the Foundation. Each year those professionals who have been instrumental in leading their clients to make planned gifts to our Foundation are inducted into the Irving Eckhardt Mitzvah Society and recognized at a reception. Since its inception in 2003, the group has grown to 76 members, making up 78% of our PAC membership.

We would like to honor you for your referrals that lead to closed gifts for Planned Giving & Endowments.

Please fill out the Mitzvah Society Recognition Form and send to Cathrine Fischer Schwartz at

In return for your referrals, you will receive:

  • An ad recognizing all Mitzvah Society members will appear in a local publication and our website.
  • Recognition at Federation, Foundation and PAC meetings.
  • Invitation to and recognition at all Planned Giving & Endowments Events.
  • Rewarding satisfaction of having facilitated a gift that is gratifying to your client/Federation donor and invaluable to our endowment.

2018 Mitzvah Society Member List:

M. Adam Bankier, Esq.
Bruce Barrick, CFP
Jeffrey A. Baskies, Esq.
Stephen Beiner, Esq.
Steven A. Belson, Esq.
Marilyn Travis Berman
Howard Bienenfeld
Laurence I. Blair, Esq.
Stuart E. Bloch, Esq.*
Edward Bobick*
Francine Cole*
Craig Donoff, Esq.
Mary Sue Donohue, Esq.
Kenneth Edelman
Janet S. Elinoff
Stephen A. Fattel, CPA
Edward L. Flank, CLU
Cara Freedman, Esq.
David E. Friedman**
  Robert Friedman
Lenne A. Gapstur, Esq.
Clifford S. Gelber, CPA
Ronda D. Gluck, Esq.
Glen R. Golish, LUTCF
Sal Gorge, Esq.
Albert W. Gortz, Esq.
Steven I. Greenwald, Esq.
Clifford B. Hark, Esq.
Robert M. Herman, Esq.
Barry G. Hoffman, Esq.
Marjorie A. Horwin, CPA
Jeffrey S. Kahn, Esq.
Thomas R. Kaplan
Thomas O. Katz, Esq.
David A. Katzman, CPA
Barry Kaye
Daniel J. Kraus
Andrew Kravit, G.G. ISA
  Elyssa J. Kupferberg
Matthew J. Kutcher, CFP
Paul Labinor
Lawrence Larche
Carol L. Lasek
Daniel J. Levine, JD
Jodi R. Lustgarten, Esq.
Fred MacLean
Debra Marcus
Seth A. Marmor, Esq.
Linda A. Melcer
Stephen G. Melcer, Esq.
William C. Miller
Burt Moss, EA
Eliot S. Popper
David Pratt, Esq.
Kenneth A. Pritzker
Marcy W. Robbins
Paul Roman
  Noah B. Rosenfarb, CPA
Alan B. Rosenthal, Esq.
Madeleine H. Rothman, Esq.
Jonathan Sahn, CLTC
Sid Savelle
Mark A. Schaum, Esq., CPA
Jeffrey Schildkraut
Howard L. Schwartz, Esq.
Michael J. Shapiro
Ronald L. Siegel, Esq.
Ralph Solomon*
Mitchell Starr
Mindy Stein, MSW, JD
Richard D. Steinberg, CFA
Donald R. Tescher, Esq.
Fred Weinstein, CPA**
George Weinstein, Esq., CPA
Jermone L. Wolf, Esq.
Joel Yudenfruend, Esq., CPA

*of Blessed Memory
**Newly Inducted Society Members
‡Repeat Society Members


Cathrine Fischer Schwartz, CFRE Chief Legacy Office / Senior Vice President
561-852-3120 |