Your Federation dollars are at work every day, everywhere. With our wide array of beneficiary partners, no gift goes further or touches more lives. Listed below are the overseas partners through which your support of the 2018 UJA/Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County Annual Campaign makes a difference for thousands upon thousands in need. The Federation proudly supports an array these agencies’ vital programs and services. Click here to view a list of our Local, Regional and National Partner Beneficiaries.

American Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)

This past year, the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County’s contributions to core funding brought essential food, medical care, clothing, heat, counseling and other life-sustaining aid to the neediest Jewish children and their families in Europe and the former Soviet Union, including those in crisis in the Ukraine. Elderly Jewish people in the former Soviet Union received critical social welfare services. Seniors in Israel received services to help them age as independently as possible with security, dignity and quality of life. An initiative with the Israeli government helped prepare and employ long-term jobless Israelis including young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds, struggling immigrants and people with disabilities.

Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI)

With the Ukraine in the grips of violence during the past year, JAFI increased services including aliyah preparation and assistance, youth programs and sleepover camps, and security for Jewish institutions. Campers and counselors throughout the former Soviet Union received an indelible educational experience by connecting with Jewish history, customs, practices and Israel for the first time. This coming year, young adults from around the world are expected to “live Israel like a local,” connecting them to Israel as a cornerstone of their Jewish identity through Masa Israel Journey.

Partnership2Gether – Kiryat Bialik

Through this JAFI program, our Federation has been building a living bridge across 6,500 miles with our sister city, Kiryat Bialik in Israel, for more than a decade. Our community keeps getting closer as bonds of friendship, collaboration and understanding with this growing community north of Haifa continue to blossom through many shared projects and educational exchanges, forming long-lasting relationships. Our March of the Living delegation visits Kiryat Bialik each spring, enjoying warm hospitality and opportunities to socialize with Israeli peers, among other visits from our community including Birthright, school and synagogue group trips.

Ethiopian National Project (ENP) Scholastic Assistance Program and Youth Outreach Center (SPACE)

This program in Kiryat Bialik is designed to offer Ethiopian-Israelis equal opportunities and enable the community’s youth to achieve their full potential. ENP- SPACE provides scholastic assistance for low-performing high school students, addresses the needs of youth in crisis and strengthens community through leadership development programs. Students are enrolled in the Scholastic Assistance Program and participate in programs at the Youth Outreach Center. This year, the Israeli government has designated ENP as the leading provider of such assistance nationwide and has widened their scope of service to include youth in grades 3-6.

World ORT

World ORT is a Jewish education and training organization that has historically conducted activities in more than 100 countries, with current operations in Israel, the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Baltic States, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Since its inception, more than three million individuals have benefited from ORT’s educational services.